Hi y'all!

My name is Arthur. I'm a photographer based in Vienna, Austria.

All of my work is shot on 35mm film. I try to keep things simple – one camera body and one lens for everything. My workhorse: Leica CL with a Voigtländer 35mm f2.5 pancake lens. I also own a Polaroid Impulse AF which is lots of fun to use on special occasion trips.

I've always been fascinated by the works of famous street photographers but the idea of having confrontations when photographing people up close really bothered me. Over the years, I've developed my style of capturing scenes without being intrusive and just having a nice, relaxing time during my photo walks.

There are three things that make a great scene for me: light, colours and composition. I scan my negatives at home (DSLR) and convert them using NLP. I'm also working on my own scanning and conversion software for colour negatives.

I'm always open to collaborate on projects. Feel free to send me a message on Instagram or email me!

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